Day: August 28, 2017

GPS For Your Warehouse

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite networking system which helps people to find out various different locations they are looking for. Billions of folks around the world use GPS almost everyday. Unlike those days, now you do not have to ask anyone for directions when you want to visit a place for the first time. It is in your finger tips. What you have to do is, log into google maps and type the name of the destination you want to reach. It will guide you through the shortest possible route and try to get you there earlier. Nowadays most of the high end companies use this technology to enhance the efficiency and safety of their operations. Specially when it comes to the distribution of the manufactured products. Giants in the corporate world such as Walmart, Tesco, use GPS tracking device as soon as they dispatch the goods from the production plant or warehouse.

Every vehicle has a car GPS tracker Australia which is connected with the controlling unit. Generally, the distributors are advised to drive on a specified route to deliver the goods on time to the retail stores. If they deviate from that, the controlling unit will be alarmed and necessary actions could be taken against the driver. Moreover, another burning issue is the safety of the delivery. How would you ensure whether what you send, has actually arrived the location without any defect, loss or not? There’s a risk of theft when the goods are in transit. How can you avoid that kind of a situation?

Let’s assume that the driver is taking the truck on the correct route. But he opens the door of the truck and sell the goods to some unauthorized shop. Is there a way for you to track that? Yes. You can fix an anti theft device. Once you fix it, in case the door of the vehicle is opened on the way, you will be notified through an alarming system. If you are a large scale manufacturer, it is recommended to use GPS in your distribution. That will not only help you, but also the outsourced distributor to keep an eye on the entire process. This will never affect the relationship you have with the other party as you are doing it not to rule them, but to enhance the safety and productivity. In other words, timely delivery of products could be guaranteed via this technique.

What about the cost?

Implementing GPS tracking service would definitely cost you. As depicted above, this is used by fairly large entities who experience economies of scale. But, if your organization is recently established, using something like GPS is not suggested. It will take time to reach the stage where you can invest on that. Until such time, you will have to manually look into the safety of the delivery.
However, expanding your operations in the future, will highly demand the use of GPS.